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If You never flew planes, and now You have to fly, let's deal with the air tickets. Rather, we learn, what they represent and how they execute.

Ordinary ticket looks like a booklet, consisting of:
- covers;
- description, in which are referred to the legal information;
- coupon auditors - this part of the remains of the employees to the company, engaged in air transportation;
- coupon agents - this sheet remains in the Agency where the ticket was bought;
- the coupon of the flight - it exchanged for a card required at landing. And boarding pass will be the same, how many places transfers.
- passenger coupon " the part of the ticket a passenger saves himself treasuries for the completion of registration.

In other words, the air ticket is a document that regulates the contractual relationship of the carrier and its customers-passengers. The ticket is valid from the time when a passenger is included in the airport building with the aim of landing on the aircraft. By analogy, it is possible to conclude, that the termination of this agreement occurs when the person leaves the airport. Here you can see a loophole for the carrier, in case if the flights are not coordinated, he did not have to answer for the inconvenience of the passenger.

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Age of high technology brought with it the popularity of design of virtual airline tickets. Today any passenger who needs to buy airline tickets, easy to make an order at the site of the company-carrier, or an Agency and get the necessary document in on-line mode, using the Internet (tickets via the Internet). Thanks to the new service, the queue near the booking offices remain in the past. This way of air tickets allows you to store information in an electronic database and regularly update a variety of ways. In parallel it is possible to draw up documents on paper. As soon as the transportation took place, the data is transferred to the accountants, which will carry out the counting of income and calculate taxes. For the passenger to the existence of electronic tickets are guaranteed cheque and the notification. The system of electronic «обилечивания» is supplemented by the possibility of the client print out your own itinerary and receipt.

Let's see what virtual tickets «analogues of paper».

Advantages of virtual ticket:

- tickets can be ordered and paid everywhere, where there is a connection to the Internet;
- they provide the opportunity for effective self-service;
there is a possibility to independently choose the route with transfers, using the inter-line agreements carriers;
- easy backup system ticket online;
- without any problems, you can make adjustments to the selected route;
- registration for the landing is accelerating, if the passenger has purchased an e-ticket;
- lose them cannot physically, because the data on them are located in the computer database of the company-carrier;
- companies - carriers welcome the initiative of the passenger buy virtual ticket;
- there is a decrease in the percentage of errors and quantity of the discharge of the paper;
"fraud with tickets, theft and losses in electronic version of the impossible.

Virtual plane ticket has a number of statuses.






Ticket passed the office, exchange or re-issuance of



Ticket replaced in the paper the analogue of the



The ticket has been used



The ticket was cancelled



Ticket printed out



Paper ticket



The ticket was returned with the compensation of the value of the



Indoor status

Above mentioned, the term «route-receipt». What is it?

This document, with all the data about the direction of flight, payment of this movement. Just as in the ticket, which is made the traditional way, the information in the route-receipt should consist of:

- customer data - surname, name and patronymic, passport number and date of issue;
- the names and the unique code of the company, which renders services of transportation;
- code of the flight;
- number, month and year of the implementation of the transportation;
- the exact time of take-off or dispatch;
- code of the airport and its name;
- tariff flight and its current price;
- the total cost of the ticket;
- form of payment;
- the value of all duties;
- class redundancy status, their code names;and
- number, month and year of reservation;
- the name of the organizationthat conducted the registration of the ticket;
- regulations on transportation of cargoes without payment;
- is a unique digital code of the ticket.

Route-receipt necessarily created and are available to passengers of any convenient way, if it occurs in the virtual air ticket purchase. If at the time of purchase of the ticket, You are not able to obtain this document, do not worry. Because all the data is in the database and copy can be printed out at any time, even in the airport or in the office of the companies-carriers.

To facilitate your life, it is desirable to keep the receipt of the route on hand throughout the flight. Especially this recommendation acquires actuality, if You are going to cross the border. Arriving in a foreign country, You will have to undergo numerous procedures in different instances ,which may ask You to produce documentary evidence of further ways of Your itinerary. At the time of registration, You will require an identification document, which was stated at the time of reservation ticket. He is included in Your ticket receipt.

Some confuse the concept of «itinerary / receipt» and «virtual ticket». Legally, this is a different documents. Receipt only contains information about the ticket, and the ticket is a form of relationship with the carrier.

Frequently appears the need of return of air tickets, in connection with the cancellation or transfer of a trip to another date. It is the return on a voluntary basis. There is also a forced return. The return type is necessary, if:

Flight is cancelled or delayed.
Can not be carried out landing there, where it is defined route.
Do not meet the carrier further flights, in accordance with the described route.
For technical or other reasons, change the settings of the air.
Death occurred client or the immediate family of a passenger.

All the rest, that is not included in the list is the return voluntary. It is produced in accordance with the terms of the тарифицирования, on which the document on the movement of subscribed to. In this case, a full refund of the ticket is only in the tariffs:

- business class;
-excursion class;
- year class.
But the tickets of these classes is not always return with a full refund. Terms of return better Refine the acquisition.

Where to return the tickets?

The Agency, which realised a ticket, conducts and its return. After all employees, who made the sale, received their interest, which now is to recover the client.

The deadline for return?

This point is also desirable to specify in the time of the acquisition. It is often the time of the possible return is limited. Traditionally, the return ticket is possible not later than one week before the sending of the flight or not later than twenty-four hours before take-off the plane. After the take-off of the aircraft, if the passenger has not arrived to the time we left, the cost is not refundable.

What is rewriting?

According to some тарификациям tickets cannot be returned to the compensation of their value in cash. However, in this case, the cost for this tariff could be transferred to the account of compensation of the price of the other ticket. Simply put, there is an exchange with an additional charge. This variant is better to specify separately in each case.

If You have lost the ticket?

Immediately inform Your airline carrier. Because the ticket is an important document ,which, in case of a loss it is very difficult to restore. Have to go through some of the checks and incur expenses on restoration. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations keep Your air ticket.

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